About Bumarang

Get to know Detmar and Mathijs.

About Detmar and Mathijs

Specialists in rental law.

Bumarang was founded by Detmar Ruessink and Mathijs Betten. We help tenants throughout the Netherlands to get back overpaid costs.

It strikes us that most tenants pay too much, but do nothing about it. This is because tenants do not want to end up in complicated procedures or because they are not well informed about their rights. Some tenants are also afraid of a quarrel with the landlord. We think this is a shame, because this causes tenants to miss out on a lot of money.

Bumarang wants to do something about this. Our goal is to help tenants to get back overpaid costs without any hassle. We want to prevent tenants from ending up into lengthy legal conflicts and facing costs afterwards.

In order to achieve our goal, we try to make Bumarang’s services as simple as possible. Based on your rental contract we offer you an immediate refund. Even if you have already moved. In addition, we want to be easily accessible. We do this by providing our services digitally. This ensures that everything can be arranged quickly.

About Mathijs

Clarity and creative solutions.
Bumarang Ontmoet het Team Mathijs

Mathijs studied Business Administration and Real Estate Studies at the University of Groningen.

“If you contact Bumarang, there is a good chance you will speak to me. Maintaining customer contact is one of my tasks at Bumarang. I try to guide clients well so that they fully understand our services. I also act in procedures before the Rental Committee and the court. I strive to find creative solutions.”

Bumarang Ontmoet het Team Mathijs

About Detmar

Rental law accessible for everyone.
Bumarang Ontmoet het Team Detmar
Bumarang Ontmoet het Team Detmar

Detmar studied Dutch Law at the University of Groningen.

“I take care of procedures at the Rental Committee and the court. In addition, I am concerned with the collection of claims. I like to contribute to the development of Dutch rental law. There is still too much uncertainty among tenants and landlords about their rights and obligations. I strive to make rental law accessible for everyone. “