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Hoge der A

Dive into the story of Pieter, the Groningen landlord who received nearly half a million euros in excess service charges annually!

From now on, we will give you a weekly glimpse into the fascinating world of private rentals, the place where Bumarang fights for fair rental prices. Today, we take you...
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Rent Increase 2023: Everything You Need to Know About the Annual Rent Increase

Has your landlord increased the rent again and you want to know if this is allowed? Look no further! In this article, we discuss the recent legislative changes for both...
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Tien jaar Bumarang - Helpt huurders om huur te verlagen

Ten Years of Bumarang

From Overpaying Rent Themselves to Rent Reductions Nationwide. Celebrate Ten Years of Bumarang With Us. In celebration of their 10th anniversary on April 1, 2023, we delve into the story...
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Tips voor expats die geld willen besparen bij huren woning

Tips for expats who want to rent a property in the Netherlands

Renting in the Netherlands has become considerably more expensive in recent years. Expats are also victims of this. The main reason for this is that they have no knowledge of...
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Bumarang Huurprijs in 2024 - Liberalisatiegrens verhoogd

Rental Price From 2024 and Beyond

You may have already heard of it, but the rules regarding rents are going to change radically. This sounds nice, but what exactly changes to the rental price? I’ll put...
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Lekkage Schimmel gebreken in de woning

Mold Leaks and Other Defects

With a rented house, maintenance is included in the rent. At least, that’s the theory. In practice, we regularly see that landlords do not carry out sufficient maintenance, as a...
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Hoe krijg je een servicekostenafrekening

More About the Service Costs Statement

The monthly amount that you as a tenant pay to the landlord is often split into several parts. In addition to the basic rent, the rental contract usually contains an...
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Hoe zit het met het tijdelijk huurcontract - Bumarang zoekt uit

What About the Temporary Rental Contract?

Bumarang sees that most tenants do not know what type of rental contract they have and what the consequences are. It must be admitted that in some cases this is...
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Huurprijs verlagen door Bumarang

Huren hoger in 2019, maar is dit terecht?

De huurprijzen van woonruimte zijn de afgelopen jaren flink gestegen. Het Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS) rapporteert dat bij het aangaan van een nieuw huurcontract de huurprijs ten opzichte van het...
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