Does your landlord want to increase the rent (again)?!

Last year I wrote an article about rent increases. You can find that article here. In it I have listed the rules for rent increases. I have also explained how you can object to the rent increase. In this article I explain which rules apply to the rent increase from July 1, 2019.

Maximum increase from July 1, 2019

Two percentages apply to independent living spaces (own entrance door, own kitchen and toilet). Did you (together with any co-residents) have an income of up to € 42,436.00 in 2017? Then the rental price may be increased by a maximum of 4.1%. Was your income (together with that of any co-residents) higher than € 42,436.00? The rental price may then be increased by a maximum of 5.6%. Please note: The landlord must include a household statement from the Tax Authorities. This must show that the income was higher by € 42,436.00.

Are you renting a room? Then the rental price may be increased by a maximum of 3.1%.

When may the rent not be increased?

In the Netherlands, strict rules apply to rental prices and rent increases. There are a number of reasons why the rent should not be increased. In that case you can object to the increase. The increase will then not take place.

1. The rent may not exceed the maximum rent that applies to the living space. Does the rental price exceed the maximum rental price? Then you can object to the rent increase.

2. The rent has been temporarily reduced by the Rent Assessment Committee due to defects in the living space. Are there any defects in the living space and have you received a reduction for this? Then you can object to the increase.

3. The rent increase was received too late. You must have received the increase no later than two months before the effective date. The rent increase as of July 1 must therefore be received by you no later than May 1. Will you receive the increase later? Then the increase is not valid and you can object. The increase will then not take place or will only take effect later.

4. The rent increase was sent within twelve months of a previous increase. The landlord may only increase the rent once every twelve months. You can then object. There is one exception to this. If the rent was only increased after July 1, for example on August 1 or September 1, the rent may be increased again on July 1 the following year.

5. There are errors in the rent increase. This is, for example, the case if the increase contains an incorrect rental price. It is then not clear what the increase is about. You can object to the increase.

6. This is an all-in rental. Because it is not known what the basic rent is, the rent may not be increased.

What applies to you?

If you are unsure whether your increase is justified, please contact us. We will assess your increase free of charge. If we think the increase should not be allowed, we will object free of charge! The rent increase will then not take place. You can find our contact details here.

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