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Step 1: Send your rental agreement to Bumarang

I have a question

    What does Bumarang do with my rental contract?

    Bumarang uses the information from your rental contract to calculate the maximum rental price. The rental contract specifies the amount and composition of the rent. In addition, it is important for Bumarang to know the commencement date of the contract. Finally, Bumarang looks at the duration of the contract. All this information is necessary to give you good advice.

    Am I bound to anything if I upload my rental contract?

    No, you're not stuck with anything. Bumarang needs the information from your contract to calculate the maximum rental price. After we have done this, you will receive an offer from us by e-mail. If you decide not to use our services, all your data will be deleted from our database.

    Why is my rent too high?

    The rental price of a home is subject to strict rules. The maximum rental price can be calculated using a points system. The size of the home, energy efficiency, facilities and the WOZ value play a role in this, among other things.

    The number of points corresponds to a maximum rental price. If the rent that the landlord asks is higher than the rent based on the points, the rent can be reduced.

    If we suspect that the rent is too high, we will start a procedure with the Rental Committee. This is a government agency that can make a binding decision on the amount of the rent. The decision of the rent assessment committee is binding. After the decision of the Rental Committee you can pay the lower rent.

    How does Bumarang get the information about my home?

    The information in the letter comes from public registers about your home. For example, we look at ep-online for the energy efficiency of your home. On this website you can find out whether an energy label or energy index has been registered for your home. The WOZ value of the house can be found at For information about the size of the house and the year of construction, we look in the Key Register of Addresses and Buildings (BAG). Based on all this public information, we drafted the letter.

    The information in the letter is carefully checked. The rental price stated in the letter therefore provides a reliable indication of the reduction that we can realize for you.

    After you have responded to the letter, we will check the information again. That way we know for sure that we can lower your rent.

    Why does Bumarang send letters?

    Most tenants do not know that there are regulations regarding rents. We will send a letter to inform tenants about this.

    It is also important that in many cases a procedure can only be started in the first six months of the rental contract. If you are too late, the rent can no longer be reduced. That is why we focus specifically on new tenants. The letter is sent to give tenants a fair chance to lower their rent.

    What is Bumarang's revenue model?

    Bumarang works with a direct and guaranteed reduction of the rent. This works as follows.

    Based on the expected reduction, Bumarang pays you a fixed monthly amount. We pay this every month until the rent has been reduced by the rent assessment committee. From the ruling of the Rental Committee, you will pay less rent to the landlord. The rent that has been paid too much until the ruling is for Bumarang.

    We hope that more can be recovered from the landlord than we pay to you. That is our revenue model. If the rent assessment committee does not reduce the rent, you may keep the amounts received from us.

    An example:

    Your rental contract started two months ago. The monthly rent is expected to be € 300.00 too high. In that case we offer you € 100.00 per month as a direct reduction.

    For the first two months you will immediately receive € 200.00 from us. During the procedure you will receive another € 100.00 monthly on the first of the month. On average, a procedure takes about seven months. You will therefore receive a total of € 900.00 until the decision of the Rent Assessment Committee. After the ruling you will pay € 300.00 less. The difference between the amount you overpay and the amount we pay you is our profit.

    I want a rent reduction what should I do?

    The first step is to send your rental contract. Sometimes we also need a little more information. This mainly concerns the facilities in the bathroom and kitchen. We ask you to send a number of photos. Based on the contract and the photos, we make a more detailed scoring of your home. We then know exactly how we can best help you. We will then send you an e-mail without obligation with more information and a final offer.

    If you agree with this offer, you will receive a digital agreement by e-mail that you can sign online. After signing we get to work. We submit the procedure to the Rental Committee and ensure that you start saving immediately. Bumarang takes care of the entire procedure, the contact with the landlord and the rent assessment committee. So you don't have to do anything yourself.

    Can the landlord terminate my rental contract if I start legal proceedings?

    No. As a tenant you are very well protected in the Netherlands. This means that the landlord cannot terminate the contract, because you start a procedure to reduce the rent.

    Most contracts are for an indefinite period with a minimum rental period of one year. This means that the landlord can only terminate the contract in very exceptional cases. The landlord is bound by legal grounds for termination. You should think of structural rent arrears or persistent nuisance. This is almost never the case.

    Some contracts do offer the landlord the option to terminate the contract after one or two years. If this is the case, it will be stated in the rental contract. If you start the procedure within this specified time, there is a good chance that the contract will not be extended.

    Before we start a procedure, we always take a good look at your rental contract. We will then inform you in detail about your rights and obligations. You know exactly where you stand. To avoid any ambiguities, we recommend that you first contact us before you contact your landlord yourself.

    I have a private sector house. Does the points system apply to me?

    A free sector home is a home that, based on the points system, has a rent higher than € 763.47. If the rent based on the points system is lower than € 763.47, the house is wrongly rented out as a free sector house. The rent can then be reduced.

    In the first six months of the tenancy agreement, a procedure must be started with the Rent Assessment Committee. The Rent Assessment Committee assesses the reasonableness of the agreed rent. If the rent is too high based on the points system, she will reduce the rent.

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