Important Changes in Rental Law

Changes are on the agenda for the Dutch rental market, especially for tenants in the free sector. Starting in 2024, the rules of the game around rents will be changed, potentially benefiting many tenants. Below is a breakdown of what these changes mean and how they may affect you.

How is your rent determined?

Rents are calculated through the housing valuation system, which assigns points to a property based on various characteristics. The sum of these points determines the maximum fair rent that may be asked.

The dichotomy: regulated versus free rental market

The Dutch rental market is divided into a regulated sector, which offers protection against unfair rents, and a free sector, where these protections do not apply. The determining factor in this is the liberalization threshold.

Changes to the liberalization limit

Effective January 1, 2024, the liberalization limit will be raised. This means that homes will only fall into the free sector at a higher number of points – and thus a higher rent. This extends protection against unfair rents to a larger group of tenants.

What This Means for Rents

This adjustment ensures that many properties that were previously in the free sector will now come under the regulated market. This opens the door to protection against unreasonable rent increases and gives more tenants access to dispute resolution through the Rent Commission.

New Focus Points in the Housing Rating System.

Starting in 2024, energy efficiency and the presence of outdoor spaces will be rated differently. This could lead to lower rents for energy-inefficient homes and extra points for homes with, for example, a garden.

Interestingly, starting in 2025, the new regulations will also apply to current leases from before 2024. This offers tenants the opportunity to have their rents reviewed and possibly adjusted.

What do new hiring regulations mean for you

Wondering if your property’s rent is in line with the new regulations? Now is the time to take action. A review of your lease can provide insight into whether you may be entitled to an adjustment in your rent.

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