A Lower Rent: Too Good to Be True? Not at All!

A significant number of tenants in the private rental market are paying too much rent, often hundreds of euros per month. Despite this, many find it hard to believe that a rent reduction is actually possible. “That sounds too good to be true,” we often hear. These tenants often mistakenly assume that they are renting a property in the free sector, where rent protection does not apply.

Today, I will tell you more about how the process towards rent reduction works. I will explain the role of the Rent Commission, what Bumarang does, and how long a rent reduction takes.

Contractual Freedom vs Rent Protection

Before you rent a property, you agree on a price with your landlord. This price can be freely determined. In theory, this price is the outcome of negotiations between you and the landlord. However, due to scarcity in the housing market, tenants are often forced to accept unreasonably high prices. To prevent price gouging, there is rent protection in the form of a points system.

Points Determine the Rent

In the points system, the property earns points based on quality. Higher quality leads to more points and a higher price. The points that the property receives correspond to the maximum reasonable rent for your property. If the rent based on points is lower than the rent agreed upon with the landlord, the rent can be reduced.

Calculating Rent and Checking Rental Agreement

Lower rent starts with calculating the maximum possible rent on your own. The rental agreement determines which rules apply. If we calculate that the rent is too high, we go to the Rent Commission. This is a government organization that oversees rent prices and can make rulings on them.

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Rent Commission Investigates the Rent

The procedure at the Rent Commission starts with the submission of a request asking the Rent Commission to investigate the rent. Once the Rent Commission has processed the request, an employee of the Rent Commission visits the property. During this visit, the property is measured and a list of amenities is made. The Rent Commission then prepares a research report with a calculation of the rent. This is followed by a hearing at the Rent Commission where the report is discussed. Bumarang represents the tenant to share its opinion on the report. The landlord can also respond to the report.

Rent Legally Reduced

After the hearing, the Rent Commission writes the ruling and sends it to the tenant and the landlord. The Rent Commission’s ruling serves as an agreement between you and the landlord and is therefore binding. Starting from the month after the ruling, the lower rent can be paid. Often, the rent is reduced from the start of the rental agreement. Bumarang ensures that the overpaid rent is refunded.

Lower Rent through the District Court

Sometimes, the Rent Commission makes a mistake in the ruling. The rent is then set too high. In this case, Bumarang asks the district court to set the rent at the correct amount. Bumarang covers the costs of this procedure and ensures that everything is handled correctly.

Conclusion: Is a lower rent too good to be true? Not in 98% of cases.

For over 10 years, Bumarang has been reducing rents. This results in a lower rent in 98% of cases. By carefully reviewing the rental agreement and making a detailed calculation ourselves, we ensure that we do not start unnecessary procedures. Want to know if your rent can be reduced? Discover it within 2 minutes by filling out the Rent Check.

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