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Rents are subject to rules.

Rent too high?

Rental prices are subject to strict rules.
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The rental price of a home can be calculated using a points system. Based on the surface area of the living space, the facilities, the energy efficiency and the WOZ value, it can be calculated how many points a living space receives. The number of points determines the maximum rental price. The monthly rent may not exceed the price that corresponds to the number of points for the accommodation. Bumarang can help you to get a lower rent. 

If the rent in the contract is higher than the rent based on the points system, the rent can be reduced. Bumarang helps you to lower the rent. We do this with the help of the Huurcommissie. This is a government agency that can make a binding decision on the amount of the rent.

We work with an immediate reduction of the rent. You will receive a fixed monthly fee from us until the decision of the Rent Assessment Committee. After the verdict, the entire savings is yours. That way you are assured of a reduction.

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Have you just moved into your home?

Reduce rent with retroactive effect.
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If you moved into the accommodation less than six months ago, the rent can be reduced retroactively. You will then be refunded the overpaid rent. In some cases this is even possible if you have been living in the accommodation for more than six months. Are you curious if this also applies to you? Please feel free to contact us to discuss your situation.

Has the rent been reduced?

The reduction is legally binding.
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If the rent has been reduced, the reduction is legally binding. You can pay the lower rent without risk. This is how we make rent reduction easy.

As a tenant you are well protected in the Netherlands. This means that your landlord cannot cancel the rental contract because your rent has been reduced.

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