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Frequently asked questions and answers

An overview of frequently asked questions that we receive every day.
My rent is too high, what now?

To assess what options you have, it is best to contact Bumarang. We first check whether your calculation is correct. We also look at your rental contract. This is necessary because the options partly depend on the content of your rental contract. After checking the score and your rental contract, we will tell you what your options are to reduce the rental price. We do this free of charge and without obligation.

When does a rental property fall under the free sector and when under social rent?

This depends on the basic rental price on the day your contract started. Was the basic rent higher than the liberalization limit applicable at that time? Then the rental property falls into the free sector. The limit between social rent and the private sector is different every year. On this website you can check whether your home is a social rental home. Please note: Has the rent now risen above the liberalization limit due to rent increases? In that case, the house will still remain a social rental home. It concerns the basic rent at the start of the lease.

I rent a private sector house, but my rent is too high. Can I do something about this?

If you have not been living in the house for six months, you can have your rent tested and reduced. Have you been living in the house for more than six months? Even then there may still be options. It is best to contact Bumarang to discuss your situation. This can be done free of charge and without obligation.

I'm renting a room. Can I also calculate my maximum rental price?

You can also calculate the maximum rent for a room. Use the Rent Calculator for Rooms.

What is the difference between basic rent and all-in price?

You pay the basic rent purely for the living space. On top of that you pay service costs and/or the costs for gas, water and electricity. If you pay an all-in rental price, you pay one amount for the basic rental price and all additional costs. It is not clear what the amount for the basic rent and/or service costs is. An all-in price is not allowed because this has many disadvantages for a tenant. Do you pay an all-in price? Then contact Bumarang to discuss your options free of charge and without obligation.

What are the disadvantages if I pay an all-in rent?

With an all-in price, you cannot assess whether the annual statement is correct. Often you don't even get a bill. You then do not know whether you should actually be reimbursed for service costs. You also cannot check whether your rent is too high or whether the rent increase is correct.

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