Most rent increases in the free rental market not allowed due to unfair rental contracts

Do you rent a home in the free rental market and think it’s unfair that your rent increases every year? Bumarang has fantastic news for you!

Cancellation of Rent Increase

The Amsterdam court recently cancelled rent increases in the free rental market. As a result: no rent increase and a right to a refund of the overpaid rent. The decision has significant implications for tenants in the free rental market.

Unfair Agreements in the Rental Contract

The rental contract stated that the landlord could increase the rent every year with an inflation correction and, on top of that, an additional increase of up to 5%. According to European rules that protect consumers against unfair agreements, this was unfair. This means the rent increase is invalid and the rent increases weren’t allowed.

What does this mean for you?

If you rent a home in the free rental market, there’s a high chance your rent should not have been increased. This is because the unfair provision on yearly rent increases is a standard that is included in over 90% of all rental contracts. Increasing the rent then isn’t allowed. Was your rent still increased? Then this can be reversed, and you are entitled to a refund of the rent you overpaid.

An example:
Suppose you started in 2019 with a rent of €1,000 per month. Due to increasing the rent every year, it is now €1,200. A difference of €200 per month. Because the provision on the yearly rent increase in the rental contract is unfair, the rent should not have been raised. The rent goes back to the original price of €1,000, and the landlord must repay all the rent you overpaid.

Action required!

Despite the rulings, landlords will not voluntarily reverse the rent increases and repay the overpaid rent. This requires action. Bumarang has been successfully advocating for tenants’ rights for over 10 years. Bumarang is an expert in rental law and has the knowledge to ensure that you get what you are entitled to. Best of all, Bumarang operates on a no-cure, no-pay basis. So only, if we succeed in reversing the rent increase, we are paid a percentage of what you have paid too much.

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So what are you waiting for? Contact us and let Bumarang help you reverse the rent increase and get back the overpaid rent.

Who does this apply to anyway?

Do you rent a home from one of the following parties? Then I have extra good news. These parties have included the unfair rent increase provision as a standard in the contract, so a rent increase is not allowed:

  • MVGM
  • Van ’t Hof Rijnland
  • Schep Vastgoedmanagers
  • Vesteda
  • VB&T
  • Lieven de Key

Is your landlord not listed? Take the Quick Scan Rent Increase and find out if you qualify. You can of course also immediately register and let us tell you about the possibilities.

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