Rent termination

Terminate the rent in the right way.

Rent termination

Read here how to terminate the rent.
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Terminating the rent correctly is very important. Failure to properly terminate the rent can cause you to rent the living space unnecessarily long. This leads to additional costs or ensures that the landlord does not or only partially refunds the deposit.

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Notice period

Notice period usually one month.

You must always terminate the rental agreement if you want to terminate the rent. It is important that you terminate the rent on time. The notice period is equal to the time between the rent payments.

The rent is usually paid monthly. This means that the notice period is one month. The period may not be shorter than one month and no longer than three months.

In many contracts an incorrect notice period of 2 or 3 months is used while the rent is paid monthly. This is contrary to mandatory law and therefore not valid.

An example:

You rent a room and pay a monthly rent of € 300.00. You want to terminate the contract on 1 July 2018. In this case, a notice period of one month applies. You must ensure that the landlord has received the termination letter no later than 31 May 2018.

The termination

Be sure of a correct termination.
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According to the law, there are two ways to terminate the rent. You can terminate the rent by a registered letter or a bailiff’s writ. A bailiff’s exploitation is very expensive and is therefore hardly ever used.

We recommend that you terminate your rent by a registered mail. That way you can prove that you sent the letter on time and that the landlord received the termination on time. The costs for this are approximately € 8.50. If you post the letter before the bus service, it will usually be delivered the following working day.

In many cases, tenants terminate the rent by e-mail. If the landlord agrees then this is not a problem.

If the landlord does not accept this termination or if you do not receive confirmation from the landlord, you must still send the termination letter by registered mail. This way you can be sure that the landlord has received the termination letter and that the contract ends on the desired date.

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How do I terminate the rent?

Terminate the rent in a few steps.

Download the standard termination letter and fill it out

Download the termination letter on our website. You can then fill it out and print it. Make sure you terminate the rent at least 1 full calendar month before the end of the rent. If you want to terminate the rent on 1 March 2018, the letter must be received by the landlord before 1 February 2018.

Send the letter by registered mail to the landlord

Send the termination letter to the landlord in time. To prove that you have sent the letter, you must do so by registered mail.

Check if the letter has arrived

Bij het versturen van de brief kun je controleren of de verhuurder de brief heeft aangenomen. Als de verhuurder de brief heeft aangenomen dan mag je er vanuit gaan dat de opzegging is geslaagd.

Download termination letter

Download the standard termination letter.


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