Ten Years of Bumarang

From Overpaying Rent Themselves to Rent Reductions Nationwide. Celebrate Ten Years of Bumarang With Us.

In celebration of their 10th anniversary on April 1, 2023, we delve into the story behind Bumarang. Discover how Mathijs and Detmar lowered their own rent, what Bumarang has noticed over the years, and how the company has helped countless tenants with reducing rental prices and reclaiming overpaid service charges.

The Origin of Bumarang: Two Students Lowering Their Rent

When Mathijs and Detmar lived together in a shared student house, they dealt with a persistent leak in their shower. The landlord tried to fix the problem but was unwilling to cover the costs, so the problem persisted. This was not acceptable for Mathijs and Detmar. The two students researched their rights and discovered that they were overpaying their rent by 100 euros per month, based on the Rent Committee’s point system.


The Turning Point: Rent Reduction and a New Goal

They turned to the Rent Committee to have their rent checked. After the binding decision, they paid less rent and even received a refund for the period leading up to the ruling. This marked the beginning of Bumarang. Mathijs and Detmar decided to help other tenants obtain a fair rental price.

10 Years of Bumarang: Key Insights and Growth

Over the past ten years, Bumarang has noticed that many tenants are unaware of their rights. Often, they don’t even know that they can have their rent checked by the Rent Committee. Additionally, many tenants are unjustly afraid of the consequences of rent reduction. However, as tenants are well protected, a rent reduction can never result in the termination of the rental contract. Bumarang also observed that overpriced rents are not only a problem in cities but also in small villages in rural areas.

From Friends and Family to Clients Nationwide

What started as helping friends and family quickly grew into a serious business. Soon, classmates sought help and advice. It didn’t take long for Bumarang to officially launch and assist tenants across the country with rental disputes. Today, Bumarang’s team consists of 8 outstanding professionals who fight daily for fair rental prices.

Bumarang Celebrates 10 Years of Success and Looks Ahead

The 10th anniversary of Bumarang is a milestone to be proud of. The company has evolved from an idea that arose in a student house to a business that supports tenants throughout the Netherlands in their fight for a fair price. Bumarang continues to strive to help tenants get a fair rental price, so they don’t unnecessarily overpay.


Exercise Your Right to a Fair Rental Price

Bumarang is proof that tenants, just like Mathijs and Detmar, can save on their rent regardless of where they live. By knowing and protecting your rights as a tenant, you can often save hundreds of euros per month. Bumarang is ready to help you with this and ensure that you are well protected against unjust rental prices and other rent-related issues.

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