Did You Pay Too Much Service Costs?

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What are Service Costs?

This time we are talking about something almost everyone has to deal with: Service Costs. These are fees you pay on top of your basic rent for extra services and utilities. The important thing here is that your landlord is not allowed to make a profit on these costs and must give you a statement each year of the actual costs incurred.

The Important Date: July 1

You should have received that annual statement by July 1. Is that deadline passed and you still haven’t received anything?

Bumarang helps recovering Service costs. bij te veel servicekosten

No worries, Bumarang is here to help you. We can assist you in getting that settlement and make sure you don’t overpay.

Watch the video explaining recovering the service costs.

Also for the Free Sector

That is all well and good, you may think, but since I am renting in the free sector, does this apply to me? Yes it does! A recent Supreme Court ruling confirms that tenants in the free sector are also entitled to a fair settlement of service charges. See the full judgment here.

Success Story

Quick success story in between. We recently helped a tenant from Leeuwarden who was paying €2.220 annually in service charges without ever seeing a settlement statement.

We at Bumarang got to work, went to the Rent Commission, and guess what? The tenant should have paid only €42 per month. The landlord refunded the overpaid service charge. Another happy tenant!

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